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Tell us about your complaints, compliments and feedback.

We would like to hear what you have to say; whether it’s to tell us you are not happy with the service you are getting or how we can be better at what we do. We also welcome compliments, and so if a team member provided a service you appreciated, let us know this as well.

Complaints communication process

EMDR Therapy and Consulting has adopted four principles of successful complaint resolution: Acknowledgement, Answer, Action, and Apology

Acknowledgement – verbal or written

A complaint can be received by any member of EMDR Therapy and Consulting. A range of opportunities is available for clients and the community to provide feedback verbally or in writing, such as face to face, over the phone, letters, emails and through the EMDR Therapy and Consulting website.

We listen openly to the concerns and ask questions to understand your concerns and try to be curious rather than defensive.

We recognise the feelings behind the concern and validate your opinion.

Complaints will be acknowledged verbally and/or in writing (as requested by the complainant) within 5 business days of the initial complaint.

Information will be provided regarding how to make a complaint to the relevant registering organisation of the clinician.

You can ask for a copy of our complaints policy and procedure

How can you make a complaint?

You can make a complaint in the best way that works for you. This means you can:

  • Talk with your clinician
  • Write to EMDR Therapy and Consulting, Hornsby Specialist Centre, Suite 7, 49 Palmerston Rd, Hornsby
  • Make an anonymous complaint by filling in “Feedback” below