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Naomi Iliffe

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Naomi Iliffe

Since 1998 Naomi has been providing counselling to children, adolescents and adults on a range of issues and with particular experience in supporting those who have been touched by trauma. Naomi works with clients who find themselves in a place of uncertainty, distress or change. Clients who have been touched by trauma; who seek to understand their past experiences; and who seek to understand themselves so they may determine their future path. Naomi approaches her work with clients with honesty, empathy and a little bit of playfulness. She strongly feels a sense of honour for those who trust her with their life experiences and a sense of enormous respect for those who have chosen to explore their past and current experiences, thoughts, feelings and relationships. 

In her therapeutic work, Naomi mostly utilises EMDR Therapy, incorporating other relevant therapeutic approaches such as CBT, Interpersonal Therapy and Play Therapy. Naomi’s work is also based on the psychobiology of trauma, polyvagal theory, attachment theory, resilience and human development. 

Naomi is an EMDRAA Accredited Consultant and EMDR Training Facilitator. Naomi completed her EMDR training in 2015 and has progressed to advanced training with Dr Roger Solomon, participating in 4 Masterclass and 2 Intensive trainings, developing advanced EMDR Therapy skills in working with a range of presenting issues and complex dissociative disorders. 

In providing consultation to other professionals utilising EMDR Therapy, Naomi is committed to supporting other therapists to firstly developing their fidelity to the Standard Protocol, and then expanding consultee’s knowledge and skills in working with a range of mental health presentations, working with complex and dissociative presentations, and the utilisation of an extensive range of other evidenced based EMDR Protocols. Naomi has also had extensive experience working in the Non-Government sector in trauma, child development, early childhood, child protection, and out of home care. Naomi has undertaken roles both as clinician and management in these areas, as well as the writing and provision of training and consultation. 

Naomi Iliffe


  • Registered psychologist Reg No PS0001259828
  • Member Australian Association of Psychologists (MAAP)
  • Member EMDR Association of Australia
  • EMDR Accredited Consultant (EMDRAA) and EMDR Training Facilitator
  • Victims Services Approved Counsellor
  • Medicare Registered
  • Mental Health Triage Provider (formally ATAPS)
  • Marte Meo Therapist & Supervisor
  • Working with Children Check No WWC0226500E

Jem Maddox

I offer counselling and support to children, adolescents and adults facing a wide range of issues and challenges in life. 

Since 2005 I have worked with people affected by anxiety, depression, and particularly with a history of trauma and attachment issues. I bring a range of tools to my work, including CBT and person-centred counselling, and more recently EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) which is one of the top 3 therapeutic approaches recommended by international trauma experts. I have worked for many years in the field of child protection, sexual abuse and trauma therapy, and I love continuing to learn new skills to add to my tool-bag.

In working with children I particularly love to use child-centred play therapy, which is not only extremely effective but also great fun! Children can often change more quickly than adults as their personalities are not yet as fixed, and I have a passion for facilitating the growth of children – and people in general – into more of who they truly are. 

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  • Master of Social Work (Qualifying)
  • EMDR Therapy Trained
  • Advanced Clinical Training in Child-Centred Play Therapy
  • Graduate Diploma of Counselling
  • Member: The Australian Counselling Association No: 9939
  • Member: Australian Association of Social Workers Member No: 486829
  • Member EMDR Association of Australia Member No:
  • Working With Children Check No: WWCC 0002376E
  • ABN: 12321986537

Rachel van Eldik

Rachel has worked as a therapist since 2007, providing support to children, adolescents, and families. Much of Rachel’s work has focused on helping people affected by trauma. Rachel is a registered psychologist and a trained drama therapist. This unique combination of therapeutic approaches allows Rachel to utilise both verbal and non-verbal forms of expression to help clients explore their thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

Rachel’s interest in helping people heal from traumatic experiences has led her to undertake training in EMDR therapy at Shapiro’s EMDR Institute.  Here at EMDR Therapy and Consulting Rachel’s main mode of therapy is EMDR. This work is complimented by the use of play and drama therapy, CBT and ACT. Rachel’s practice is underpinned by the research and practice principles of attachment theory, child development and the neurobiology of trauma. 

Rachel has worked as a psychologist and teacher in the education system and in not-for profit therapy services specialising in trauma. As a school psychologist Rachel delivered a range of short-term, solution focused interventions and provided assessment and observation relating to educational engagement. As a Senior Therapist at KidsXpress, Rachel led a team of therapists delivering group and individual therapy for children, specialising in the use of creative therapies and developmental trauma. She has co-ordinated outreach programs operating in schools in Western Sydney, in partnership with Mission Australia. 

Rachel has a first class Honours in Psychology (Deans Award) and was trained as a drama therapist by Dr. Joanna Jaaniste of Western Sydney University.


  • Registered psychologist Reg No PSY0002285974
  • Member of Australian Association of Psychologists (AAPI)
  • Member of the EMDR Association of Australia
  • Medicare registered 
  • Working with children check no WWC0230494E