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Masterclass in Phase 2 for Complex and Dissociative Clients

Join us for a Masterclass in Phase 2 for Complex and Dissociative Clients. In this training Fiona and Naomi will take you through a number of practical strategies and techniques to help your complex and dissociative clients prepare for EMDR Therapy trauma memory reprocessing.

Date: 25th to the 28th November 2023 

Venue: Mantra Mooloolaba, QLD 

Cost: $1100.00

For any further Information contact naomi.iliffe@outlook.com or fiona@emdrconsulting.com.au 

Event Details

  • Structural Dissociation: 2 days introduction including the opportunity to practice Frasers Table and how to work with emotional parts to ensure they are orientated to time, safe and able to work collaboratively to begin memory reprocessing.
  • The following two days will have an overview of Polyvagal Theory and specific Polyvagal strategies to help your complex clients in Phase 2 – Preparation and Stabilisation. This part of the training will draw on the work of Stephen Porges, Deb Dana and Peter Levine.
  • Walk away with a structured workbook to support your clients that will guide them through strategies for distress tolerance, emotional regulation and safety in expressing/experiencing emotions. This work draws on some of the work of Joany Spierings and Fiona and Naomi’s own strategies developed in over 30 combined years of trauma work.
  • Learn how you can interweave Phase 2 strategies into Phase 4-7 to help your complex and dissociative clients stay present, regulated, safe and within their Window of Tolerance, so they can maintain dual attention to reprocess trauma content successfully.

Please Note:

A minimum number of participants is required for a training to proceed. If you have registered for training, please do not make any travel arrangements or bookings until you receive final confirmation from EMDR Masterclass that the training will proceed. If you choose to make any travel or accommodation arrangements, and the training does not proceed, EMDR Masterclass is not liable for any losses you may have incurred.

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About Fiona

Fiona Mawson is an EMDRAA accredited Consultant and member of the EMDRAA Standards & Assessment Committee.  She is a trainee-trainer and facilitates with several different Australian trainers. She completed her EMDR basic training in 2015 progressing to advanced training with Dr. Roger Solomon in 2015. She has participated in over 4 master class and 3 intensive training programs with Dr. Roger Solomon with advanced skills to work with dissociative clients. Fiona has developed an EMDR focused practice in Healesville and Chelsea Heights, Victoria. Fiona has developed skills integrating EMDR with ego state therapy to work with complex clients such as returned veterans, clients with dissociative disorders and clients with complex childhood trauma

About Naomi

Naomi Iliffe

Naomi ILIFFE is an EMDRAA accredited Consultant and member of the EMDRAA Standards and Assessment Committee. Naomi is also a faculty member and training Facilitator with Shapiro’s EMDR Institute. Completing her EMDR training in 2015, Naomi has progressed to advanced training with Dr Roger Solomon, participating in 4 Masterclass and 2 Intensive trainings, developing advanced EMDR Therapy skills in working with a range of presenting issues and complex dissociative disorders. Naomi has established her own psychology practice in Hornsby, NSW and utilises EMDR Therapy in her work with Children, Adolescents and Adults. Naomi has had extensive experience working in the Non-Government sector in trauma, child development, early childhood, child protection, and out of home care, as clinician, manager and the provision of training and consultation.