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EMDR Stepping Stones

Standard Protocol Refresher Online

Join EMDRAA Consultants Naomi Iliffe and Fiona Mawson in a 2-day training that will hone your fidelity and skills in the Standard Protocol and the 3-Pronged Protocol.

Date: 23rd and 24th February 2024

Cost: $550

For any further Information contact naomi.iliffe@outlook.com or fiona@emdrconsulting.com.au 

Day One: 9.00am to 5.00pm

Review the AIP Model and how to develop an AIP informed Treatment Plan. Detailed refresher of the 8 Phases and a focus on learning how to use the Fidelity Checklist for the Standard Protocol by scoring some video vignettes. This will be particularly useful for therapists either undertaking, or considering, EMDRAA Accreditation. 

This training will also focus on embedding the 3-Pronged Protocol as part of your EMDR Treatment Planning. With a strong focus on the practical application of your learning, you’ll then be working in triads, on a current issue and utilsing the Fidelity Scales to deepen your understanding and skills of the 8 Phases and the 3-Pronged Protocol.

This training will also be ideal for therapists who have completed Basic Training, but have yet to get started, or have been working with a limited number of clients. You will need to have completed at least Level 1 of your basic training to attend.

Day 2: 9.00am to 4.00pm

Today you will  finalise your practicum work including the opportunity to further deepen your 3-Pronged Protocol skills with practicums in Future Templates. We will also do an overview of treatment planning for complex clients,  utilisation of restricted reprocessing (EMD & EMDr), Cognitive Interweaves and additional strategies such as CIPOS.

Walk away feeling more confident of your fidelity to the Standard Protocol and in your EMDR Treatment planning for your clients.

Please Note:

This training will be held online with Zoom. A minimum number of participants is required for a training to proceed

Closing Date for registrations: 16th February 2024

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About Fiona

Fiona Mawson is an EMDRAA accredited Consultant and member of the EMDRAA Standards & Assessment Committee.  She is a trainee-trainer and facilitates with several different Australian trainers. She completed her EMDR basic training in 2015 progressing to advanced training with Dr. Roger Solomon in 2015. She has participated in over 4 master class and 3 intensive training programs with Dr. Roger Solomon with advanced skills to work with dissociative clients. Fiona has developed an EMDR focused practice in Healesville and Chelsea Heights, Victoria. Fiona has developed skills integrating EMDR with ego state therapy to work with complex clients such as returned veterans, clients with dissociative disorders and clients with complex childhood trauma

About Naomi

Naomi Iliffe

Naomi ILIFFE is an EMDRAA accredited Consultant and member of the EMDRAA Standards and Assessment Committee. Naomi is also a faculty member and training Facilitator with Shapiro’s EMDR Institute. Completing her EMDR training in 2015, Naomi has progressed to advanced training with Dr Roger Solomon, participating in 4 Masterclass and 2 Intensive trainings, developing advanced EMDR Therapy skills in working with a range of presenting issues and complex dissociative disorders. Naomi has established her own psychology practice in Hornsby, NSW and utilises EMDR Therapy in her work with Children, Adolescents and Adults. Naomi has had extensive experience working in the Non-Government sector in trauma, child development, early childhood, child protection, and out of home care, as clinician, manager and the provision of training and consultation.