EMDR Therapy and Consulting

Naomi Iliffe

EMDR Consulting

Child and Adolescent EMDR Consultation

Come and join the small group (4ppl) consultations for those utilising EMDR Therapy with children and adolescents. Providing consultation and support with complex cases, dissociation, working with the child’s system and family, developmental adaptations to the Standard Protocol, general questions and collegial support in your work with children, adolescents, and their families.

Naomi is an EMDRAA Consultant, has been working with children, adolescents, and families for over 30 years and has been utilising EMDR Therapy with children and adolescents since 2015. Naomi has undertaken advanced child and adolescent EMDR training from people such as Ana Gomez, Sarah Schubert, Carolyn Settle, Carlijn de Roos and Susan Darker Smith. Naomi has also completed the Child and Adolescent Consultant training with Michel Silvestre, EMDR Europe Child and Adolescent Consultant, Trainer and Standards Committee Member. Naomi is currently working towards Child and Adolescent Consultant Accreditation with EMDR Europe.

Adult Focused EMDR Consultations

Naomi is an EMDRAA Accredited Consultant and EMDR Training Facilitator. In providing consultation to other professionals utilising EMDR Therapy, she is committed to supporting other practitioners to firstly develop and hone their fidelity to the Standard Protocol, and then expanding consultees knowledge and skills in working with a range of mental health presentations, working with complex and dissociative presentations, and the utilisation of an extensive range of other evidenced based EMDR Protocols. She utilises the model of Structural Dissociation in her work with complex trauma and dissociative disorders.

You can book both group and individual consultations for your work with both adults and children & Adolescents by booking

Naomi Iliffe

Naomi is passionate about supporting EMDR practitioners to not only be able to utilise EMDR Therapy within a trauma perspective, but to also be able to offer therapeutic support for clients with a range of mental health presentations. Over her career, she has developed advanced EMDR Therapy skills in working with a range of presenting issues and complex dissociative disorders. She also has extensive experience working in the Non-Government sector in trauma, child development, early childhood, child protection, and out of home care.  Naomi has undertaken roles as a clinician and management in these areas, as well as the writing and provision of training and consultation

Your journey in EMDR Training

EMDR Basic Training requirements

EMDR Training in Australia is accredited by the EMDR Association of Australia (EMDRAA) and is based on the legal definition of EMDR Therapy, which is held by the EMDR International Association (EMDRIA)While there can be other organisations or trainers advertising EMDR Training, unless it is accredited by EMDRAA it is not considered to be up to the standard of the internationally accredited curriculum and may not prepare therapists to practice EMDR Therapy safely. To see if the training you are considering is appropriately accredited, look at EMDRAA.

Your basic training in EMDR Therapy occurs in two stages and consists of 50 hours training in total; 20 hours of didactic training (which involves practicums where you experience EMDR training as both client and therapist), 20 hours skills training and 10 hours consultation with an EMDRAA Accredited Consultant. Typically, your basic training is required to be completed within a maximum two-year timeframe. Trainees are encouraged to gain experience in using EMDR Therapy after their first level of training (within their areas of experience), however it is once you have completed the full 50 hours of training you can be considered fully trained to conduct EMDR Therapy and advertise yourself as “EMDR Trained”. It is also at this point that you can also become a Full Member of EMDRAA.

Naomi is available to provide consultation to any EMDR trained practitioner who has competed an EMDRAA approved EMDR Therapy training. 

Registration as an EMDRAA Accredited Practitioner or Consultant

Upon completing your Basic Training, practitioners can choose to work towards Accreditation as an EMDRAA Accredited Practitioner, through consultation with an EMDRAA Accredited Consultant. Through this process you will be working towards competence in all areas of EMDR Therapy practice. You can access the Practitioner Accreditation Information here.

EMDRAA Consultants differ from Practitioners in that they are also accredited to provide consultation to individuals who are working towards becoming Accredited Practitioners. Those seeking accreditation as an EMDRAA consultant must be an EMDRAA Accredited Practitioner and then met all the consultants’ criteria.